Pollution Ka Solution: Miyawaki Urban Forest Mission
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Pollution Ka Solution: Miyawaki Urban Forest Mission

Role model of Green spaces: Plan afoot for Urban Forest in each 250 wards of national capital Delhi

Pollution Ka Solution: Miyawaki Urban Forest Mission

Dwarka: For a greener and cleaner Delhi, a project is being initiated by Rise Foundation and MCD Horticulture department, Najafgarh Zone to plant more saplings with the help of Miyawaki technique at MCD Park, Sector 1, Dwarka near Mahavir Vihar.

Under the Rise Foundation’s mission of Green and Clean India, this project is having 12+ type of 900 native plants in 3000sq feet area.

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Pradeep Kumar, DC, MCD and his horticulture team has been instrumental to promote the Green Urban spaces in Dwarka and nearby areas.

Concentrix India is a key sponsor for the project. Pradeep (CSR Manager) from Concentrix India said that the project is part of their initiative of Mission 100K trees plantation in India this year.

Ms Harismrita from Concentrix shared the enthusiasm to establish Urban Forest with team of volunteers and will help to upkeep the space in coming month.

Mahavir Vihar, Sec 1 RWA has supported the project to keep this place become green and by making such Urban Forest, the space is being further avoided to use as garbage dumping ground.

Kadam Sing Kadyan, Mange Ram (Pradhan), Amar Singh, Pt. Ramanad and other members of RWA Mahavir Vihar exhibited their commitment to keep the space well-managed as and when required. He added that such type of Urban Forest will make the area better and will improve the air quality in coming years.

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Several volunteers participated in this endeavour including Ravi from Zakheera an avid environment lover. He shared his gratitude towards Rise Foundation and showed willingness to participate in future projects.

Madhukar Varshney, Deepak Bhardwaj, Inderjeet Singh, Munish Kundra, Madhuri Varshney (Chairperson, Bhaskaracharya College, Dwarka) are key people behind the conceptualization of Miyawaki Urban Forest in Delhi- NCR. They have established such green spaces in as small as 500sq ft area to 3000 sq ft areas at very nominal cost.

Madhukar wants such Urban Forest in each 250 wards of Delhi. “Let’s make Delhi a role model of Green spaces,” he said.

In the Miyawaki method, trees (only native species) are planted close to each other in the same area to save space and saplings help each other to grow and block sunlight from reaching the ground. As saplings receive sunlight from the top and grow upward, rather than sideways.

The best part of the technique is that after three years saplings become maintenance-free or self-sustainable and also ensures 10 times faster growth of the plant and 30 times denser than usual.