GrenoWest: Pending registries and defective structures irk buyers
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GrenoWest: Pending registries and defective structures irk buyers

In many societies, registry of houses is pending and many are still waiting for possession of houses

GrenoWest: Pending registries and defective structures irk buyers

Noida: Residents of many societies in Greater Noida West are facing the problems of defective structures and pending registries. Scuffle between the builders and buyers have seemingly become a common place incident.

Residents have alleged that neither the authorities are paying heed to their outcries nor the builder is taking any action to solve their problems.  Many residents have claimed that there are many of us, who have not even gotten possession of our house, and are paying rent for years plus the EMI to the banks for the property which they never got. Miffed with this development, hundreds of home buyers gathered near ek murti circle and demonstrated and reiterated their demand on December 25th, 2022,

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All home buyers have only one problem and it is related to the housing problem. Many residents are fighting for this for the past 12 years.

Residents of Greater Noida West claim that the politicians come and make false promises at the time of elections and show false dreams that they will help in getting the registry done. But, they disappear as soon as the elections get over.

Tired of the “loopholes in the system”, the protestors raised their voices against the Greno Authority too and alleged that there is a nexus between the builder and the authority due to which innocent home buyers are being deliberately harassed. 

For several months, home buyers have been campaigning on Twitter using #KabHogiRegistry and #KabMilegaApnaGhar. There are highrise societies like Upcountry, Supertech Eco Village 1, 2  and 3, Apex Golf Avenue, JM Florence, Casa Greens One, Amatra Homes, Ajnara Homes, Earthcon, La Residentia, Emenox La Salora, Gulshan Ballena, Victory One Central etc. Home buyers have reminded the government of their promise and raised slogans against unscrupulous builders.

Abhishek Kumar, President, of Nefowa says, “Last week we held a protest. That time too, we had said that we will not step back, and this week also we are saying the same thing. This movement will not stop now. The government cannot ignore the problem of home buyers. They should start the registry immediately and those who haven't got a house for 12 years should be given a house.”

Rajkumar, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage 2, says, “The leader of the Twitter campaign and playing an important role in the movement, says that so many appeals were made to the government, so many meetings were held with the authorities but the problem was not resolved. The peaceful protest will continue on Twitter, regarding our demands on the ground as well.

Frustrated residents say, “No one is listening - builder, authority…No one is listening to us. All our hopes are on government now. If they too do not do anything, where we will go?”

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Rohit Mishra, a resident of Apex Golf Avenue says, “Registries are pending, structures are defective, banks are charging interests, the authority has taken the registry amount, the builder has taken the money. Who is suffering? Only and only the buyers!  But there is a registry which is stuck like a long-term project”.

Ashish Vijayapuria, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage-1, says, “Our builder is in a bad condition. The full cost of the flat was recovered years ago. If someone delayed in paying an instalment for 4 days, he was charged a penalty and interest for the whole month. Now, even after a lapse of 2-3 years, we are yet to register our house.”