Home remedies for winter hair fall
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Home remedies for winter hair fall

One of the best things for your hair in the wintertime is a nice scalp massage.

Home remedies for winter hair fall

It's not odd to notice that you're shedding more hair in the shower than usual as seasons change. The hair loss you're most likely to experience throughout the wintertime is seasonal, similar to the condition of your skin. Winter hair fall is primarily brought on by dryness, which dehydrates your scalp by sucking out all of its natural oil. Dry hair and a dry scalp together can cause breakage, thinning, and loss of hair. Dandruff, which causes your head to itch and feel unwell, is another consequence of a dry scalp. In the winter, this can significantly increase hair loss along with dry air. So, to fight this problem you can use these home remedies.

Oil massages

One of the best things for your hair in the wintertime is a nice scalp massage. This improves blood flow to the scalp, which strengthens hair growth from the inside out. Gently massage the scalp with warm oil. You can also apply the oil to the entire length of your hair for deep moisturizing.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated

Your body's potential to generate new hair follicles is restricted by a poor diet and nutritional deficits. Make sure you eat enough protein and vegetables as needed throughout the colder months. Good sources of protein, curd, fish, soy, and other foods high in protein encourage hair growth while reducing hair loss. In addition, water is the magical ingredient that everyone of us needs to stay internally hydrated during this dry winter. Keep your hair well hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Avoid taking hot shower

Avoid taking hot showers or head washes for an extended period of time. Your hair might be harmed by excessive heat. Rather, choose lukewarm water for your head bath. Minimize your use of blow dryers and curling irons as well. Your hair will fare better if you use this heat styling equipment less frequently. Use a hair care spray first if you change your hairstyle too frequently before experimentation.


Vitamin C, which promotes hair growth, is abundant in amlas. To thicken the hair, amla oil can be applied to the scalp. Also, you can simply munch amla or have an amla shot in the morning. It's also available in powder form. Chyawanprash and amla juice are two additional options for consuming this healthy meal.

Avoid taking stress

According to many specialists, one of the main causes of hair loss is stress. It is a state that everybody feels to varying levels due to the stress of establishing and keeping New Year's resolutions in addition to long work hours. You can handle stress much better by engaging in regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, and obtaining enough sleep. Doing something that makes you joyful every day is also a good idea.