Happy Birthday Gurdas Maan: Top 10 songs of venerable singer
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Happy Birthday Gurdas Maan: Top 10 songs of venerable singer

One of his most well-known songs is Peer Tere Jaan Di

Happy Birthday Gurdas Maan: Top 10 songs of venerable singer

Legendary punjabi singer Gurdas Maan turns 66 today. Throughout his career, he has delighted millions of music lovers worldwide with his great songs, electrifying live shows and acting in blockbuster movies. Additionally, he raised the bar for Punjabi music, encouraged optimism everywhere he went and influenced a generation of artists. On his birthday, listen to his top songs to mark the occasion.

Dil Da Mamla Hai
In 1980, the 23-year-old vocalist was requested to sing this track on the national TV network Doordarshan after being seen at a live event.

In 1986, the Punjabi film Laung Da Lishkara, which featured the now-iconic song, became a worldwide hit.

Mamla Gadbad Hai
This was the title song of a popular 1984 movie and was one of the singer's earliest successes. It had a humorous edge that appealed to music enthusiasts around.

Apna Panjab Hove
The artist has never lost touch with his Punjabi culture, and this upbeat song is a praise of the homeland he adores.

Boot Polishan
Earn decently and live proudly, even if you are working as a boot polisher, is the song's powerful undercurrent concept, which is conveyed through its popular dance beat.

Ki Banu Duniya Da
A magnificent cover of his previous hit was created by the legendary icon and superstar vocalist Diljit Dosanjh for the show Coke Studio.

Peer Tere Jaan Di
One of his most well-known songs, this is enjoyed by listeners everywhere in large part due to the amazing music and magnificent vocal performance, but it also has a powerful message about affection and heartbreak.

Sajna Ve Sajna
Another major hit for the vocalist, this song has stayed in demand for almost 40 years. This song was an indicator that the singer will achieve success through his unique artistry side.

The artist has released many excellent songs, such as Pind Diyan Galliyan, that celebrate his emotional ties to Punjab, but this incredibly potent song made a statement on what is wrong with contemporary society.

Ishq Di Maari
An amazing song that was inspired by Sufi music and is full of emotions. It is a track that seizes your attention right away and, like all of his previous songs, carries you away to an emotional place.