Garbage and open manholes a nuisance in Sector 7, Dwarka

A heap of garbage in a service lane of Sector 7, Dwarka
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Dec 21, 2016

Non-clearance of garbage from dumping spots and open manholes on footpaths have become a cause for concern for residents of Sector 7, Dwarka. They say neither South Delhi Municipal Corporation nor Delhi Development Authority is concerned about the situation.

AK Parashar, a resident of Sri Agrasen Apartments, Sector 7, said, “Garbage can be seen in front of Brahma Apartments, Air Force and Naval Officers Enclave, Sri Agrasen Apartments, Rashi Apartments near Gokul Garden and at many other places in the sector. I have been taking photographs and videos, so I can raise the subject with the civic agencies. I’ve also sent a mail to the president of Dwarka Forum, so the issue is taken up by SDMC. The deputy commissioner recently visited the sub-city for a review meeting.”   

“It seems there is no effort from the authorities to clear garbage. Many children have been found involved in ragpicking, who do not wear any protective clothing. This poses a risk to their health,” he added.

Munish Kundra, a managing committee member of Brahma Apartments, also shared Parashar’s views. “The corporation staff does not lift garbage every day. The situation is getting worse by the day. We are managing garbage at the society level, but the authority is not doing its job at the dhalaos [garbage collection points] or on the roadsides.”

Moreover, manholes without covers or those that are partially covered are fraught with danger. Parashar said, “For an unsuspecting pedestrian, they can be difficult to spot. Manholes come under the jurisdiction of DDA and they should cover them as soon as possible.”

When City Spidey spoke to Sanjeev Kumar, deputy commissioner of SDMC, he said that garbage would be cleared soon as the SDMC officials concerned have been informed. DDA officials said they would soon cover all open manholes on the footpaths.


AK Parashar points out an open manhole on the footpath in front of Sri Agrasen Apartments and Air Force and Naval Officers Enclave


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