Suncity RWA slams developer’s bid for final completion certificate
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Suncity RWA slams developer’s bid for final completion certificate

Once the builder gets the certificate, it will not be responsible for the township's maintenance.

Suncity RWA slams developer’s bid for final completion certificate

Members of the Suncity township RWA in Sector 54, Gurgaon, have expressed displeasure over the builder’s recent application for the final completion certificate. They say that the builder has not provided a few basic facilities and hence cannot apply for the certificate.

The developer’s application has added a new dimension to the problems already brewing between the developer and the residents. Once the developer gets the certificate, it will not be responsible for the maintenance work of the township. In that situation, all responsibilities and expenses regarding maintenance and incomplete township work will fall on the shoulders of the residents or the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon.

VM Singh, the RWA secretary, said, “How can they think of getting the final completion certificate when they haven't given us necessary facilities? The authorities have closed their eyes to the developer’s wrongdoings. We’ve complained to the government several times, but action is yet to be taken. We have even met Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar about this on several occasions.”

The RWA has prepared a list of incomplete work in the township. Here are some essential issues the builder is yet to look into:

  • Once completed, the township will need 14.5 MW of energy. But only 4.5 MW of electricity is available.
  • Suncity will need 30.8 lakh litres of water per day, but the capacity of the township tank is only 14.3 lakh litre. The developer has not built overhead tanks.
  • 11.3 km of roads need to be built, which will cost approximately Rs 14 crore.
  • Sewage lines are overflowing and the sewage treatment plant has not been built according to the society’s requirement.
  • There are no measures for rainwater harvesting.

Abhay Punia, RWA advisor, said, “The Town and Country Planning Department should form a joint team with the RWA and come up with an internal infrastructure survey report. The ground reality won't change by showing all is well on paper. The government needs to look into these problems.”

Pramod Sharma, RWA secretary, said that the builder charged them a development fee for constructing internal infrastructure. He added, “Before applying for the final completion certificate, the builder has to first provide us all the facilities promised.”

However, when City Spidey spoke to Harinder Singh, the estate manager of Suncity, he said, “We have completed every aspect of the township's infrastructure. It is now the duty of the Town and Country Planning Department to check our work. The RWA’s allegations are baseless.”

The director-general of Town and Country Planning has already ordered the district town planner, Gurgaon, to prepare a status report on the issue.

Uddar Gagan Properties Limited began developing the township in 1998.