Treasured Possession: NGMA to house ‘Maharaja Collection’ of Air India artworks
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Treasured Possession: NGMA to house ‘Maharaja Collection’ of Air India artworks

Priceless artefacts collection since 1953 being transferred to Nat’l Gallery of Modern Art

Treasured Possession: NGMA to house ‘Maharaja Collection’ of Air India artworks

New Delhi: The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) will now house the precious collection ‘Maharaja Collection’ of Air India artworks. The collection will be displayed before art-lovers in a soon to be brought out schedule. It will  also be opened to audiences abroad through innovative digital interfaces.

The modern and contemporary artwork from the Air India Collection includes acquired and commissioned work from artists of the stature of B Prabha, Shankar Palsikar, Lakshman Pai, Vasudev Gaitonde, M F Husain, S H Raza, K H Ara and other founders of the Progressive Art Movement like the pioneering artist Hari Ambadas Gade. It also includes works of art of living legends like Anjolie Ela Menon and Jatin Das that will enhance the NGMA collection further.

An official at NGMA told CitySpidey that India has a five thousand old history that has been powered by spiritual forces and moral values. Artists and art collections belonging to Air India will spread awareness about Indian culture worldwide.

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Air India has been a pioneer of its own kind. They could not only fly Indian flag high in the sky showcasing India’s capabilities but also acted as an ambassador of Indian heritage and culture. The showpieces being handed over to NGMA not only contain modern art masterpieces, but also have a wide range of exquisite handloom, sculptures and other art pieces.

An MoU has been signed for handing over the artworks to NGMA at the NGMA premises in New Delhi. Through the ‘historic’ MoU, the priceless artefacts collection of Air India since 1953, is being transferred to NGMA. The paintings, artworks will now find their rightful place i.e National Gallery of Modern Arts. The government is making all efforts to preserve India’s Culture and bring it before the people and establish its connect with the youth.

During Air India’s extensive journey over eighty years of operating as a commercial airline, Air India had acquired and collected a massive number of valuable artworks from around the world consisting of paintings, sculptures, wooden carvings, glass paintings, decorative items, textile art, photographs and other objects. These art objects will now be a part of the collection at NGMA.