Eat these soaked superfoods to boost your immunity
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Eat these soaked superfoods to boost your immunity

Grams are best when soaked overnight and consumed in the morning.

Eat these soaked superfoods to boost your immunity

With the right nutrients and by eliminating toxins, our system can stay strong and fight diseases. The robust immune system shields our body from harmful microorganisms and all types of illnesses. You need to give special attention to what you consume.

According to health experts, your body absorbs nutrients better when they are soaked. Soaking the food overnight can help remove phytic acid which is a cause of indigestion. It becomes a digestive and superfood for your body with good taste and better texture. Experts advise that the best time to eat is in the morning as your morning breakfast provides you the energy for the entire day.

Deepa Mehra (40), a fitness and diet coach who lives in sector 4, Dwarka, says, "If you want, you can start your day by eating a handful of soaked grams and dry fruits. Because soaked protein keeps you fit and healthy as well as helps in preventing diseases, and at the same time cleanses your blood and sharpens the mind. Due to this, you get the energy to work throughout the day."

Deepa Mehra

Deepa has suggested some super food ideas to contribute to our health. Soaking these foods will enable you to absorb more vitamins and minerals from them. Here are 5 food items that are best when soaked.

Chia seeds

Deepa Mehra suggests eating soaked chia seeds for their multiple health benefits. It is rich in omega-33 fatty acids, antioxidants fiber. Chia seeds are believed as an internal shower as it clears your guts. Not only soaked chia seeds but also the water of the chia seeds is good for health.


Deepa Mehra suggests soaking the almonds overnight and peeling them in the morning before eating them. These can help with PCOS, and improve your skin health. You can get rid of Acne and achieve glowing skin with other proper care.

Black channa

Grams are best when soaked overnight and consumed in the morning. It is rich in fiber and provides your required nutrients. It contributes to your energy, and immunity strengthening your body. It also helps in the proper growth of languages.


Raisins are considered good for women especially. It helps in periods and skin. You should make a habit of eating raisins to see results.


It is very helpful in increasing concentration and memory. The best way to consume it is to soak overnight and eat it in the morning.

These are some common benefits of consuming soaked food according to Deepa Mehra:

  • Help in weight loss
  • Improve digestion
  • Healthy heart
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Healthy skin
  • Strengthens immunity system
  • Fuels you with energy
  • Good for pregnancy
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Helps in curing PCOD