Here's how these Noida residents celebrated Christmas…
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Here's how these Noida residents celebrated Christmas…

Residents from Supertech Capetown, Prateek Wisteria and Supertech Emerald Court decided to make the day memorable, not just for themselves but also for 50 kids.

Here's how these Noida residents celebrated Christmas… Residents and children pose for a photo

In a noble gesture, a group of eight Noida residents from Supertech Capetown (Sector 74), Supertech Emerald Court (Sector 93A) and Prateek Wisteria (Sector 77) celebrated Christmas with underprivileged children.

These residents took about 50 children of Gheja village studying in Protsahan school on a picnic to the central park in Sector 93, Noida. Protsahan is an NGO that caters to underprivileged kids and runs a shool for them with the same name. The school also provides for their books and other study material.

They made the day special for these children by organising various activities, such as games, dance, singing and race. When City Spidey spoke to the children, they said that these residents were their Santa Claus. “I am enjoying myself so much today. I sung a song and read a poem at the picnic,” said a Radhika Kumari, an eleven-year-old girl.

The residents from Supertech Capetown were Shailendra Baranwal, Nisha Rai and Khushi. From Prateek Wisteria, Abhay Singh, Savita and Sarita were part of the celebration. Nikki and Anita were the residents who came from Supertech Emerald Court.

Baranwal said, “Every year we give presents to our own children. This time we wanted to celebrate Christmas with these children and present them with gifts.”

Abhay Singh, who runs the school, said that it was the first time that residents from these societies spent their time with these kids. “Our kids are looking so happy. I think it’s been the best Christmas celebration for them so far,” he added.



Children participate in a race at the park


A boy performs acrobatics as other kids look on


Residents and children, with their gifts in hand, pose for a photograph