Randeep Hooda to play both the devil and savior in upcoming character sequel
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Randeep Hooda to play both the devil and savior in upcoming character sequel

He’ll now produce “Laal Rang 2” along with Yogesh Rahar and Panchali

Randeep Hooda to play both the devil and savior in upcoming character sequel

New Delhi: Avak Films who are making their debut in Bollywood has announced the film “Laal Rang 2”. Actor Randeep Hooda has made a comeback with his character sequel of the 2016 film Laal Rang.

Randeep will also be producing Laal Rang 2 along with Yogesh Rahar and Panchali Chakraverty. Randeep Hooda’s character Shankar depicts his charm and completely absorbs us into his “blood transfusion racket” where he plays both the devil and savior, and enthralls with his spontaneity and rustic appearance.

Yogesh Rahar of Avak films, who has himself debuted as a producer, has been a “diehard fan” of Laal Rang and has spearheaded the effort for the sequel. Laal Rang 2 : Khoon Chusva is being produced by Randeep Hooda Films, Avak Films & Jelly Bean Entertainment Co Produced by Anwar Ali and Sonu Kuntal. The film is slated to go on the floor soon.

Yogesh Rahar said, “It's a great pleasure to associate with Randeep Hooda and Panchali Chakravarty. It’s a dream comes true and thanks to Anwar Ali ji and Sonu Kuntal for his love and support.”

Akshay Oberoi and Pia Bajpiee will reprise their roles from the first part and search is on for the new additions to the second part. Laal Rang, set in Haryana is a dark humoured drama which revolved around the blood trade business involving sentiments of friendship, brotherhood, love and greed. The film’s magic lays in its fresh, quirky content, dialogues and memorable characters, particularly that of Shankar, immortalised by Randeep Hooda.

This also sees him joining hands once again with the director, Syed Ahmad Afzal. Randeep is currently on a career high with his recent series CAT that is winning audiences across the world.

Randeep said “Shankar Malik is one character that will always stay close to my heart. The film even after 7 years stays relevant and has a dedicated fan-base to it. This is what has compelled me to embark on this new journey as a producer too with a lot of joy and a sense of responsibility towards it.”

The director Syed Ahmed Afzal, fresh from the super success of Shiksha Mandal web series, had this to say about Laal Rang 2. “We are extremely excited to begin the madness again, the storyline is dark, murky and lays the perfect plinth for an enchanting film and we once again have a chance to deliver something memorable. The essence of the sequel shall remain akin to the original. This sequel will be darker, meaner, violent and yet funny,” he said.