Lurking Danger: ‘Terror’ of dogs a prevalent reality in Noida
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Lurking Danger: ‘Terror’ of dogs a prevalent reality in Noida

A six-year-old child was attacked by a pet dog in Supertech Capetown Society

Lurking Danger: ‘Terror’ of dogs a prevalent reality in Noida

Noida: The ‘terror’ of dogs in Noida is aggravating continuously. From high-rise buildings to roads, people are terrified of dogs. Pet owners in societies are allegedly unable to handle the pet dogs and as a result cases of attacks on the locals are reported every day.

Children and the elderly alike have been falling prey to them. The latest case is from Supertech Capetown Society located in Sector 74 where a six-year-old child was attacked by a pet dog and was saved somehow.

According to the information received, on the evening of January 23, a woman was walking with her two children in Noida Sector 74 Supertech Cape Town Society. She was roaming with one of her children sitting on the stroller and the other who is only six years old was playing in the garden. Then, a Labrador dog walking nearby pounced on the child.

Due to this sudden attack by the dog, the child fell to the ground. The woman cried out to the people for help and in time a young man somehow managed to save the child.

Arun Sharma, president of the Society, said, “It could have been a big accident. Despite the rules, the Labrador dog was being walked without a muzzle and leash. The dog owner must bring the dog to the park with a chain. It is completely dangerous to walk a dog in the park without a muzzle and chain.”

Taskin, the child's mother is also very shocked by this incident. She says, “A young man somehow saved her child in time, otherwise a big accident could have happened. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to bring his pet dog for a walk in the park on a leash. I kept screaming during the attack on my child but the owner of that dog didn’t even pay attention. The pet owner even misbehaved with me.”

Miffed with the misbehaviour of the pet owner, Taskin called the police on the spot. The police vainly tried to comprehend both. At the end, child's mother lodged a complaint with the police.