Make your Sunday a little special with these activities!
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Make your Sunday a little special with these activities!

This Sunday, take a step back, relax and give time to yourself.

Make your Sunday a little special with these activities!

Running from one festival to another and then adjusting your work schedules in the mid of all this, the weeks during festive seasons are really tiring. The coming week is also going to be packed up with the preparations for Diwali. It is going to be fun and celebration but it will be tiring too at the same time. This is why, plan your Sunday according to what your body needs. Take a step back, relax and give time to yourself. Here are some amazing ideas to make your Sunday fun and relaxing.

Before planning and scheduling your Sunday, just keep in mind that it must not be a tight schedule. You may do your pending work or binge-watch but leave a bigger section of timr for relaxation.

Start with nature

You can start your day by just going for walking in the morning. Winters are on their way and this autumn makes you too lazy to get up and go for a walk. Well, you can just get up and spent some time with your plants.

Eat well

While during your work days, you usually eat whatever you can get your hands on. However, Sundays come a an opportunity to cook food for yourself. Make sure to cook something easy, tasty and healthy to truly pamper yourself.

Spend time with your family

It is important to give time to your family. While we usually talk to our family on daily basis, we don't really spend any quality time with them. Just sit with them for no reason, listen to them, share your experiences and make them feel loved and heard.


It is difficult to follow the self-care routine daily without any skips. People are too busy to look after themselves. This weekend, just sit back and apply some face pack and let your skin heal. Invest your time in learning about your body and listen to what it is asking for.


You see that whole stack of books your purchased but never really read? Yes, this is your cue to start reading them. Make a cup of tea or coffee for yourself ad get at it.

Binge watching

Well, you can tick any movie or web show off your watchlist this Sunday. Go on any OTT platform and binge on that show or film that you have been really wanting to see for some time but didn't any chance to. Don’t forget to arrange for a popcorn tub.

Listen to your favorite playlist

If you do not want to do anything, you can just relax and listen to your favorite playlist. Dance on it or just sing in a sync with the songs. Best!