Tips to keep your skin healthy and glowy!
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Tips to keep your skin healthy and glowy!

Keep yourself hydrated from inside which will help your skin stay moisturised

Tips to keep your skin healthy and glowy!

Winter weather can be harsh on our skin, causing dryness and itching. To combat this, it's important to take extra care of our skin during this season. A hot cup of tea while cozy in a blanket may be comforting, but it's also important to protect our skin from the cold winds and dryness in the environment. Here are some tips for maintaining natural moisture in your skin during the winter:

Hydrate yourself frequently

We tend to make a lot of changes in our routine during winter. As the weather stays chill we don't feel thirsty often. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Keep yourself hydrated from inside which will help your skin stay moisturised. You should also eat healthy food, including fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep yourself moisturised.

Don't spend too much time in a hot shower

Spending too much time in the hot shower can make your skin dry. You must take quick showers in winter.

Moisturise your hands

Our hands are the ones which get tortured the most in winter. We wash our hands frequently but tend to forget that we need to moisturise them immediately. You need to carry a hand moisturiser in your bag all the time. Moisturise your hands after every wash.

Apply Sunscreen

SPF is still required in winter. You may think that sunscreen is only for summer but it is not. The UV rays can penetrate the clouds and affect your skin in winter too. Apply sunscreen before you step out in the sunlight.

Overnight treatments for the skin

Overnight treatments work as a miracle in winter. You must make a routine to moisturise your sensitive skin areas before sleeping. Moisturise your face, lips, ankles, and elbows overnight so that they can absorb the moisture in that period.

Lip care routine in winter

Lips have very sensitive skin. It has no oil glands to moisturise it. Lips are frequently exposed to different elements which can make them dry. You need to moisturise your lips frequently and take good care, especially during winter.

Switch your cleanser during winter

You must switch to a cleanser which contains more oil. The general cleanser makes your skin dry frequently. You need to invest in a good cleanser during winter.