Dwarka: For the city, by the city
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Dwarka: For the city, by the city

In a collective attempt to clean up the sub-city, like-minded residents from various sectors and societies got together to launch a weekly cleaning drive, dubbed Residents' Social Responsibility.

Dwarka: For the city, by the city Dwarka residents take part in a weekly cleaning drive

It's time to spruce up the sub-city, cheered like-minded residents. And what you get is a weekly cleaning drive, thoughtfully christened Residents' Social Responsibility or RSC.

To start with, about 15 residents from various sectors collectively carried out a cleaning campaign in the neighbourhood park of Sector 4, just besides United Apartments. They brought gloves, masks and garbage bags with them.

A resident of United Apartments, Shubhi Mehrotra, said, “We enjoyed cleaning the park. It felt nice -- all of us working together. I certainly hope the difference will show in the coming weeks.”

Geeta Chaddha, a senior citizen from Sector 19, and a participant, said, “I came to know of the initiative through my friends, and decided to be a part of it. Though I stay far from Sector 4, yet I didn't mind joining in the morning. I am truly happy that a few like-minded people like us can come together to do something meaningful.”

Geeta Chaddha, a senior citizen from Sector 19, participates in Residents' Social Responsibility

After cleaning up, the residents dumped all the garbage in packets at one place.

AK Parashar, a participant, and a resident of Shri Agrasen Apartments of Sector 7, reasoned, “We can keep our city clean, and it is indeed our responsibility. This initiative will also forge stronger community bonds besides helping to beautify the city.”

“We are constantly connected through WhatsApp. We are all friends, too. We will now start speaking to other people in the city about the idea, spreading the reach of the initiative. We have also been in touch with the corporation, and after we are done cleaning, they will come and collect the garbage,” explained a participant.

The participants included Madhuri Varshney and Madhukar Varshney from Ekta Society in Sector 3; Anju Suri from Sri Ram Apartments in Sector 4; Geeta Upadhyay from PNB Apartments in Sector 4, Anita Bhamrah from Jhelum Apartments of Sector 12; RK Chowhan from Radhika Apartments of Sector 14 and others.