Ankur sets an example about how to keep your body fit and maintain your physique
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Ankur sets an example about how to keep your body fit and maintain your physique

He is a corporate professional, working as a manager in Wipro and resides in Dwarka

Ankur sets an example about how to keep your body fit and maintain your physique

New Delhi: Ankur Sharma is a corporate professional, working as a manager in Wipro and resides in green valley apartments, Dwarka, sector 22. When you meet him you can safely assume he is into fitness modelling or just modelling by looking at his attractive physique but he is not, its just his sheer passion that drives him to maintain his fitness and looks across the year. When CitySpidey spoke to him we discovered that he underwent a heart surgery when he was merely 2 years old. He was weak in terms of weight and internally as well. This childhood operation and few incidents at school made him think seriously about this body and he decided to work on it.

Ankur shares, “Many interesting and weird incidents occured during my school life that hurt me and pushed me to think of getting a good built. One day at school when I was in 7th standard I fainted in the sports ground and fall on all fours. This was the first blow. Then comes a Bollywood inspiration, I saw Kaho Na Pyar Hai that was Hrithik's first movie, and I was like this guy looks amazing and so does other actors like John, Rampal. Now I was just waiting for my 12th to be completed to get enrolled in a gym.

It was during college days that Ankur started working out and informally enteres the world of fitness and bodybuilding. “I was 50 kgs when I first started working out in 2008 and realised it was not easy to gain weight unlike these days (he laughs). I remember it took me 6 months to gain 55 kgs and then couple of years to reach 60 kgs. Once I moved to Bangalore for my MBA it wasn’t easy to maintain diet and workout along with my studies. Finally I reached 65 kgs and then 70 kgs few years back with consistent workout and diet which is well maintained till now.

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Ankur says a disciplined and well balanced life is the key to his success in managing his passion along with his profession. He shared his whole day routine and diet with us. “My office hours are from 2 noon till 11:30 night, reach home by around 12:15. I wake up around 9 in the morning, start my day by having apple cider vinegar, have few dry fruits along with black coffee and apple or banana and start my workout in gym by 11 am. I’m done by 12:30, reach home, get ready and leave for office. I usually prefer rice in lunch around 3 and that can be combined with dal, rajma etc. In evening I take eggs, oats, salads in dinner and finally again rice around 12:30 as my last meal. I workout 6 days a week.

Ankur says, middle class people especially from tier 2 cities have have dreams which can definitely be fulfilled by following a disciplined and balanced life and honest non-stop and never ending efforts. Regarding his goals and dreams and how he achieved all of that he says, “I had small dreams like having a good physique, learning hip hop dance, having a tatoo, a fitness photoshoot and I have achieved all of that over the last 10 years. I always knew once I get a job post my MBA and start earning, I will be able to do what I want. There was a time in Bangalore during my first job when I had a really tight schedule, thanks to myself. I was in office from morning 6-3 pm then in evening I used to learn dance in Shiamak Davar’s classes and then at 8 pm I used to workout followed by dinner and sleep. I did this for 3 months, hectic but memorable. In 2017 apart from my job I also used to work as a trainer in a renowned gym chain for 4 hours from 6-10 pm in the morning. I did it for 4 months and then quit as it was getting too hectic along with my job but absolutely loved it. I had a tatoo in 2013, six packs by 2017, photoshoot by 2020. 

Cricket is his another interest with Harsha Bhogle being his idol but he rarely plays now due to time constraints. He still has that surgery scar on his back which prevents him from taking part in bodybuilding or fitness competitions but he wants to take up any modelling assignments that may come his way. He says one should never think negative and must keep his mind and body in as much peace as possible.

In this message to the community, Ankur says, “Self motivation is the most effective thing. I am what I am because I was always self motivated with no addiction to anything apart from fitness. I always believed in “look good feel good” and still stand by it.