Onus on the owners
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Onus on the owners

Greater Noida Police has cracked the whip on the tenant verification process in the city. It is now the owners' responsibility to get their tenants verified by the police. So landlords, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Onus on the owners

The Greater Noida Police has cracked the whip on the tenant-verification process.

Abhishek Yadav, SP Greater Noida, today held a meeting with the Active Citizens Group in his office.

According to the new plan, the onus is on the house owners to get their tenants verified by the police. It is now mandatory for them to get the police verification forms filled up by the tenants and get them deposited in the RWA office before renting out the house.

One copy of the form will go into the RWA records while the other will be with the sector police station. This move will empower both the RWA and the police, as they will both have details of the new tenants.

For properties already on rent, house owners have been given a 15-day period within which to complete the verification formalities.

SP Yadav is set to hold another meeting with the presidents and general-secretaries of 15 RWAs on Sunday to discuss registry and installation of CCTV cameras. The meeting will be held at GL Bajaj College of Engineering.