Ibtedaa-E-Ishq: Express your feelings to your beloved partner with Rose
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Ibtedaa-E-Ishq: Express your feelings to your beloved partner with Rose

Rose Day: An important event that signals beginning of Valentine’s week

Ibtedaa-E-Ishq: Express your feelings to your beloved partner with Rose

New Delhi: Rose Day is celebrated on the 7th of February every year in India and around the world. It marks the beginning of Valentine's week, leading up to Valentine’s Day on 14th February, every year. Rose Day has become popular all over the world due to its significance as a prelude to Valentine’s Day celebrations. Rose-day is an important event that signals the beginning of Valentine's week and serves as a reminder that no matter how far we may be from our beloved partners – there will always be something special about expressing our true feelings via gifting physical/virtual roses.


The origin of Rose day can be traced back to medieval England where it was customary for a man or woman to give out roses as a sign of romantic love and admiration towards their beloved. This tradition eventually spread across Europe and many parts of Asia, specifically India where festivals like Rose day are still celebrated today! The celebration of love through roses has been part of Indian culture for centuries now and continues even till this day.


Different colors represent different emotions when it comes to giving roses - red symbolizes passionate, passionate love; pink stands for new beginnings; white implies innocence; yellow conveys joyfulness; peach signifies sincerity; lavender is an expression of gratitude, while orange radiates enthusiasm and excitement! So according to your relationship with your beloved partner you can gift them different colored roses as per their preferences or affinity for any particular color – which makes rose day highly significant among couples across all age groups.


Rose day celebrations have come a long way since the medieval days – with people sending rose-themed gifts like bouquets, chocolates etc along with greeting cards expressing their feelings towards loved ones in more creative ways than ever before. In addition there are also several online rose-day festivities which allow people from different countries/regions come together virtually & celebrate this special occasion even when they’re physically apart from one another – an example would be exchanging virtual hugs/kisses using virtual reality technology – making it an experience like never before.