And this is what residents said after 50 days of demonetisation…
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And this is what residents said after 50 days of demonetisation…

Weary and tired residents ask – how long do we have to stand in queues?

And this is what residents said after 50 days of demonetisation… Picture used for representative purpose only

It’s been 50 days since demonetisation but most residents in Delhi are still struggling with the cash crunch that followed. They say that in the last 50 days, they spent most of their time at banks or thinking how to manage their household expenses in the available cash.

“With hardly any cash, I have been struggling to go on with my life these past 50 days. I’ve been to the banks and ATMs five times, and have been mostly caught up with trying to meet my family’s needs. This indicates that the decision taken by our PM was more theoretical than practical,” said Mukesh Singh, a resident of Highland Apartments, Sector 12, Dwarka.

Another resident shared a similar story. Saket Kumar, a resident of Gauri Ganesh Apartment, Sector 3, Dwarka, said, “I have spent the last 50 days visiting banks and ATMs. I visited them 17 times to withdraw cash but was unsuccessful most of the time. I fear that this cash crunch won’t end anytime soon. I think it’s going to continue till Diwali. Government needs to act soon as the common man’s life is getting tough day by day.”

It was not just residents who were affected, but also resident welfare associations. KS Bhati, president of Sector 9 RWA and Ganpati Apartments, said, “In these 50 days, all activities of the society have been affected. We were somehow able to manage but if the situation doesn’t improve, it will tough to survive this way. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of relief in the coming weeks. The government needs to take some effective steps and resolve the problems that have developed due to demonetisation.”

However, there were a few who didn’t seem to have much problem going the cashless way. SS Chowhan, president of Radhika Apartments RWA, Sector 14 Pocket 1, Dwarka, said, “I feel we should adopt a cashless system. I am happy that I have been living a cashless life in the past 50 days. As far as the RWA is concerned, we were able to manage the issues that developed. Things are getting smooth now. Unfortunately, residents who had a marriage in their family faced problems. Labourers working for house renovations also suffered.”

In East Delhi, the story seemed no different. Dilip Sharma, a resident of South Ganesh Nagar, went to three banks to withdraw money on December 28. He said, “I need at least Rs 1 lakh for a family function on January 1. I have three bank accounts in three different banks. But so far I have been able to manage only Rs 45,000.”

Many residents are frustrated over cashless ATMs in residential societies. Some residents who had made plans to celebrate New Year outside Delhi have decided to stay back home.

“People were asked to support demonetisation for 50 days, and they have. The government should do something for us now,” said Dev Kumar, who runs a mobile eatery van in ITO, Delhi.

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