Valentine's Day 2023 last-minute gift ideas
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Valentine's Day 2023 last-minute gift ideas

Your lady love will cherish these memorable gifts

Valentine's Day 2023 last-minute gift ideas

Already late to decide on a gift for your beloved lady this Valentine’s Day? Fret not, these last-minute gift ideas will certainly make her eyes light up and raise your romance quotient.

Flower bouquets

Flowers can be delivered quickly, so don't worry if you're running late for your Valentine's date. You can get flowers even at the last minute for your lady love and can make a lovely bouquet out of them. You can also get it delivered to her house.

Gift Card

Everyone has his or her own way of expressing love on Valentine's Day. While many are outright expressive, some are shy. In case you fall in the latter category, it is best to write down your romantic feelings in a card and give it to your soulmate.

Bake waffle

Like men, a way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach. Every woman likes to be pampered by her man’s cooking skills. Try baking waffles for her this Valentine’s Day as they are easy to bake and women love savouring them.


Show her how much you adore her by gifting her an adorable companion in the form of a teddy. A teddy is a plush and huggable item and those with a heart-shaped beautiful message on them make a wonderful gift.

Gift book

Some people enjoy reading regularly. Buying their favourite book would do wonders. You can also gift them an online book subscription.

Customise wood plaque


With this engraved heart hands plaque, you may greet her for taking your heart away and let her know how much you care for her. You can find them on some e-commerce websites too.