These Dwarka kids have a message: Reduce, refuse, recycle and reuse

Children display placards during the play
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Dec 30, 2016

A few children from New Millennium Apartments, Sector 23, Dwarka, performed a streetplay on December 30 at the central market in Sector 6 to raise awareness about waste management and pollution.

Directed by Anjali Agrawal, an activist and a resident of New Millennium Apartments, and performed by Koel Das, Anshuman Sinha, Samriddha Rastogi, Khushi Rai, Dhruv Das, Vani Bali, Anjnay and Nehal, the play explained the importance of proper waste management and the need to save the environment.

Agrawal told City Spidey, “We have been planning to spread the word on how mismanaged garbage and pollution are damaging the environment. There were so many cases of dengue and chikungunya in the monsoons this year. Also, air pollution hit a new low, with the smog posing severe health hazards for residents. And there is nothing new about water pollution in Delhi. The idea was to target all these issues.”

“We focussed on the four R's — reduce, refuse, recycle and reuse. The play did have an impact on onlookers, and the children will perform the same street play in the society on New Year’s Eve again,” she added.


Children perform at the Sector 6 central market


Bystanders and shopkeepers gather along with the performers' parents to watch the play


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