Amazing villages of India will captivate your thoughts with unbelievable facts
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Amazing villages of India will captivate your thoughts with unbelievable facts

Visiting India’s extraordinary villages will be an unforgettable experience

Amazing villages of India will captivate your thoughts with unbelievable facts

Our country is such an astonishing place that has always been at the centre of attraction for lots of unbelievable facts. Modern urban civilization is based on thousands of villages existing in each and every part of the country. The root of our classic traditions, way of living, thoughtful approach and cultural inheritance existed in ancient village society. Surprising fact is that there are so many amazing villages around us which are so different for some unusual reasons. These villages have achieved distinctive position due to their astonishing realities.

We may discuss about some of our country’s most extraordinary villages that are simply matchless:

Mattur Village in Karnataka

Credit: quora

Sanskrit is known to be the mother of all modern age languages but now hardly anybody speaks in that ancient language. Surprisingly Mattur Village in Karnataka is the only village where residents converse in Sanskrit for their daily communication. All the residents speak Sanskrit here although the official language of the state is Kannada. This village is trying to keep the ancient language alive in this modern era.

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Kuldhara Village in Rajasthan-The haunted village

Credit: Rajasthan Studio

Most interesting fact about this village is, there is not even a single inhabitant in this village since unknown period. It was once a lively and prosperous village where Paliwal Brahmins used to live. Due to some unknown reasons the village was cursed and nobody could stay here anymore. There are lots of sagas that describe the past of this village. Some say that Diwan Salim Singh of this estate was cruel and people left the place for his tortures.  When they left their ancestral village they cursed that no one would be able to live thereafter. Another story says when the Queen of the state died mysteriously then villagers left the place. Since then the village is haunted and uninhabited.

Malana Ancient Indian Village in Himachal Pradesh

Credit: twitter

This is an ancient Indian village is famous as one of the first democracies in the world. This is situated in the lap of the Himalayas. This beautiful village is quiet out-of-the-way and it is located near Malana River and close to North East side of Kullu Valley and isolated from rest of the world. This village is our pride because it is respected worldwide. Democracy was introduced here during the ancient time and the villagers believe that they are the descendant of Aryan civilization.

Piplantri Village in Rajasthan

Credit: youtube

Birth of a girl child is celebrated here with great respect. Villagers plant 111 tree to honour the birth of a female child. This unique initiative was taken by former village leader Shyam Sundar Paliwal around 15 years back and it has created history in the world for honoring the birth of females. At the same time the village has set an example of saving the nature by planting thousands of trees. It has become a green village by increased number of trees. Not only the families plant saplings but  they also take care of all the plants so that they grow up like their daughters.

Kila Raipur Village in Punjab

Credit: Delhiby foot adventure

This is the village in Ludhiana, Punjab where Rural Olympics takes place and we should feel proud about that. This is more famously known as Kila Raipur Sports Festival. This festival or Rural Olympics attracts lots of participants from different parts of the country and it is celebrated once in a year. The major events are Punjabi rural sports like Cart Race, Rope Pulling and Athletics.

Shani Shingnapur Village in Maharashtra

Credit: BBC

This village is located in Maharashtra where houses are without any doors and people live very happily ever after here without having any doors. Villagers have undoubted faith on Lord Shani Or Saturn who is the guardian of this village saving them always. They never feel unsafe to live in their houses which have no doors at all. Most surprisingly the banks in that village do not have doors. 

Rangdoi Village in Assam    

Credit: pinterest

This village is located in Assam’s Jorhat district where Frog’s Marriage is considered to be the way to please the Rain God Barun. There is a mythological belief that if wild frogs get caught by people and they get married following Vedic rites and traditional Hindu marriage rituals like human beings. It is believed that this exceptional marriage will bring heavy rainfall if there is a problem like drought. This unique ritual of Frog’s Marriage has made Rangdoi a unique one.
Kodinhi Village in Kerala

Credit: Repley's believe it or not

Kodinhi Village in Kerala has come to limelight with the fact  that it has a record number of twins. There are more than 400 twins in this village which is simply beyond our imagination. No one knows the mystery behind this and out of 2500 people living in this village, 414were born as twins or triplets. Scientists and researchers are trying to solve the mystery behind this. This village has one of the highest twinning rates in the world and that is why this is one of the most amazing villages in India.

Shetpal Village in Maharashtra 

Credit: homegrown

When you feel scared thinking about snakes then try to think about people in Shetpal Village in Maharashtra where they live happily with Cobras. It may sound weird but it is true that people and snakes live together here peacefully. Snakes are worshipped here with great respect and they live in every house. Cobras are one of the most poisonous snakes in the world and here you will find them in every house as family members. In every house there is a special space called Devasthanam which is dedicated to snakes.  Cobras can roam anywhere in the houses or on the village roads. Children are always safe and comfortable playing with snakes and they even share their classrooms with them.