Suffocating in Filth: Life as a Resident in Noida’s Sector 51
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Suffocating in Filth: Life as a Resident in Noida’s Sector 51

People of sector 51 complaint several times to the authority

Suffocating in Filth: Life as a Resident in Noida’s Sector 51

Residents of Noida's sector 51 have been dealing with a severe sewage overflow issue for over a week now, and despite several complaints to the authorities, the problem remains unresolved.

The overflowing sewage has led to a foul smell that has made living conditions unbearable for the residents of sector 51. The blocked sewage line has caused the sewage to back up and spill over into the streets and surrounding areas, creating an unhealthy and unsanitary environment. Residents are also facing breathing and health issues due to the unpleasant smell.

In addition to the sewage overflow problem, residents are also facing issues with the drinking water supply. A foul smell is emanating from the water, and the water supply may have been contaminated due to the sewage overflow. The total dissolved solids (TDS) level in the water has been recorded in 2083, which is much higher than the permissible limit.

The residents of sector 51 are frustrated with the authorities for not taking any action despite multiple complaints. They feel that the authorities are playing with their health and well-being and that it is their responsibility to ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible. Even though the residents have been paying all their bills, they are not receiving clean drinking water or a clean environment to live in.

Sanjeev Kumar, the RWA president of sector 51, has informed us that they have complained about the issue several times, and the authorities have promised to resolve it, but they have not taken any action yet. They had even conducted a meeting with the deputy general manager R.P. Singh of the sewage department on November 16th, 2022, who had promised to solve the problem within 10 days. However, even after four months, the authorities have failed to resolve the issue, and the residents are suffering.

Suwarna Kaur, a resident of sector 51, has shared that she has been continuously facing this problem for many days, and it has led to breathing issues for her. The authorities must take immediate action to resolve the sewage overflow issue and ensure that the residents receive clean drinking water to prevent any further health issues.