I'puram: Mahagun Mansion green area back to being garbage dump

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jan 03, 2017

Residents of Mahagun Mansion Phase I in Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram, are unhappy that the strip of land running along the society's boundary wall has turned into a garbage dump yet again. They had once cleared the area of garbage and encroachments and turned it into a green area. But now, the area has again gone back to square one, strewn with garbage and encroached upon by squatters.


The area before residents converted it to a green strip; it has reverted to this state again


Earlier, residents, with the help of GDA, had cleaned the strip and converted it into a green area. Residents had also got plants from the horticulture department and fenced off the area. However, the strip now wears a shoddy look, with garbage strewn around and most of the plants uprooted.

Residents said the issue lay in the inaction of the civic authorities. Bhupinder Singh Jass, a resident of the society who played an active part in developing the green area, said residents tried to fix the problem several times but it kept going back to its original shabby state. Jass said one of the main issues was the encroachments dumping garbage in the area.


Residents, along with GDA, had cleaned up the area and carried out a tree-planting drive


City Spidey took up the issue with YN Chaudhry, head of enforcement cell of GDA, who also played a significant role in developing the green strip. Chaudhry said encroachments were one of the major problems in the area GDAhad to deal with. He said he was aware of the issue but added that taking action would invite trouble from the local vendors' association, which protected the encroachments. "We will soon conduct another drive to chase them away," he added.


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