New Exciting Korean Dramas to Binge Watch this April
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New Exciting Korean Dramas to Binge Watch this April

The Japanese novelist Mitsuyo Kakuta serves as inspiration for this suspense series named Paper Moon

New Exciting Korean Dramas to Binge Watch this April

In April 2023, a variety of brand-new K-dramas will be available to watch. The Korean drama industry has always enthralled audiences with its diverse range of genres and unique takes on familiar themes. From romantic comedies to political thrillers, in April 2023's Korean dramas promise to be crowd-pleasers.

Here are some binge-worthy K-dramas to look forward to in April 2023:


Queen Of The Mask

Credit: HAN

This mystery-thriller revolves around four friends who become embroiled in a murder case. When the other three frame the fourth one for the murder, she flees the country. Ten years later, she returns to seek revenge and uncover the truth, while the lives of her former friends are affected.

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Credit: wikipedia

Starring Kim Hae and Moon Sori, this political Korean drama features two strong female protagonists who join forces to achieve a shared goal, despite their differences. It also includes a plotline involving a personal vendetta.

Bora! Deborah

Credit: MyDramalist

Yoo In-na portrays a well-known relationship counsellor, author, and social media influencer who struggles with her own love life in this romantic comedy-drama. When a publishing planner named Lee Soo-hyuk enters her life, they both undergo a transformation as they rediscover love together.

Dr Romantic 3

Credit: HanCinema

The third season of the popular medical romance series, Dr Romantic, has arrived. Set in a single hospital, the plot follows four doctors and their new and exciting challenges. Fans of the show will be pleased to see the return of their favourite characters from Season 2.

Stealer: The Treasure Keeper


This action-comedy Korean drama follows government official Dae Myung, who is suspected of being connected to the anonymous cultural property thief Skunk. To clear his name, Dae Myung joins an unofficial cultural asset recovery team called Karma to track down the real thief and expose the truth.

Paper Moon

Credit: Asianwiki

Inspired by Japanese novelist Mitsuyo Kakuta, this suspense series follows Yoo Yi-Hwa, a housewife who takes a temporary job at a bank and soon starts stealing from her clients. As the foundation of her safety crumbles, the story takes unexpected twists and turns.