Noida Authority's mission to clean water tanks in Sec 62
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Noida Authority's mission to clean water tanks in Sec 62

Clean water tanks campaign will continue from 1st April to 10th April, 2023

Noida Authority's mission to clean water tanks in Sec 62

Noida: The Water Department of the Noida Authority has announced a campaign to clean all the water tanks in Sector 62. The campaign will take place from April 1 to April 10, 2023. The employees of the water department will clean all the upper and underground reservoirs located in Sector 62, which may result in low water pressure during this time. However, the water supply will continue as usual.

A member of the RWA Sector 62 has expressed gratitude towards the Water Department for this initiative. The member stated that the water tanks of the sector were not cleaned for a long time and it was necessary to clean them periodically. The Water Department informed the RWA about the cleaning campaign, and the members of RWA Sector 62 have welcomed this step.

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R.K. Uprety, the President of RWA Sector 62, confirmed that they had received a notice from the Water Department regarding the cleaning campaign. He mentioned that cleaning the water tanks had been overdue for a long time, and they had raised their concerns with the department on several occasions. Finally, the Water Department responded to their complaints, and they are thankful for that. During the campaign, the water supply in the sector may be affected, but the residents are advised to cooperate with the Water Department for the betterment of the sector.

R.K. Uprety, President of RWA Sector 62