Noida to soon host Dinosaurs - Know where
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Noida to soon host Dinosaurs - Know where

Noida will be home to the first Natural Trail of Artificial Zoo theme park.

Noida to soon host Dinosaurs - Know where

Noida: The first Natural Trail of Artificial Zoo theme park is set to be constructed in Noida, near the Mahamaya flyover. The park will feature figures of dinosaurs, rhinos, crocodiles, pythons, monkeys, and birds made of scrap metal, and visitors will have access to food as well.

Built by Z Tech India Private Limited, the park will be modeled after a zoo and will cover an area of around 25 acres. The construction work is scheduled to commence on April 15, with an estimated cost of around 15 crore rupees. The park will be unique, as its concept will be based on 4D technology.

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The park's movements and sounds will be created using the 4D concept, with this technique also being applied to the wild animals. While the animals will not be real, their reactions will be in no way inferior to those of real animals, with the figures having body movements and sounds like real animals. Visitors will be provided with a guide to ensure they have a fully informed experience. The park has been named Okhla Bird Century, and a link road will be constructed to connect it directly to the bird sanctuary, ensuring easy accessibility for locals.

The park will be developed under Recreational Green in an area of 25 hectares as part of the Master Plan 2031. Artwork will be made from scrap metal, with figures representing the ghats of Banaras, the ghats of Ayodhya, and other landmarks. About 500 tonnes of scrap metal will be used to create the various sculptures, with the iron being recycled at the plant before being turned into artwork for the park. Plastic waste will also be used in the park's construction.

The park will be located on the border between Noida and Delhi, near Kalindi Kunj in Delhi. It is easily accessible by metro, located opposite the Okhla Bird Sanctuary metro station. The company that builds the park will be responsible for its operation and maintenance for 20 years, meaning the Noida Authority will not have to spend any money on upkeep.