Achieve that Summer Glow with Perfect No-Makeup Look
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Achieve that Summer Glow with Perfect No-Makeup Look

It’s the no-makeup look which requires a little makeup and beauty effort to look natural.

Achieve that Summer Glow with Perfect No-Makeup Look

If there is one makeup look that looks good on all skin tones and types without the help of a makeup artist or beauty guru, it's the no-makeup makeup look, which requires a little makeup and beauty effort to look natural. When you just want to look good and feel your best, a no-makeup makeup look might save the day!

Follow these tips :

Face mist

For smooth and fresh skin, use a face mist before moisturizer and serum.

Vitamins C

Use Vitamin C to reduce wrinkles, brighten skin, and address issues such as acne and hyper pigmentation. It can also prevent and treat dark spots.

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Antioxidants are amazing

Use antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals and environmental stressors, especially during the summer when UV radiation can damage your skin. Azelaic and Kojic acids are great options for brightening sunburned areas.

Scrub your face

A mild scrubber removes dead skin cells and debris from pores. It boosts circulation. Exfoliate your neck, upper lip, and chest. Scrub gently.

Toner and moisturize

This hot and humid climate requires the best skin care. Maintain skin hydration using oil-based serums and moisturizers. Nutrition will enter open pores.

Skin prep

No-makeup makeup requires good skincare. After cleaning, toning, and moisturizing, use a blurring primer to minimize pores and create a smooth base. Depending on your skin type, use a dewy or mattifying primer to smooth your skin.

Avoid foundation

Avoid using foundation or opt for a sheer-to-light coverage foundation. This will allow your skin's natural texture to show through.


Concealer is vital to a flawless no-makeup appearance. Start by applying spot concealer to blemishes and dark areas with a small, flat brush. Next, dab a little concealer under your eyes and mix it with your fingertips for a natural effect. Sprinkle setting powder on your T-zone and beneath your eyes to finish.

Colorize your cheeks

Apply a little bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks for a natural flush. If you want your no-makeup look to go sun-kissed, lightly apply a warm-toned blush across your nose.

Glowing face

Shimmery highlighters ruin a natural look. Your vanity needs a liquid highlighter cream for no-makeup makeup. Applying a highlighter to your cheekbones is the fastest approach to brightening your complexion. For a dewy, natural-looking glow, mix the highlighter with your primer.

Protect your eyes

Lightly define your eyes with brown eyeliner on your waterline. Curling mascara adds volume without looking like falsies. Eyebrow pencils help brows look bigger and finish eye makeup.

Lip colour

Lip colour completes your no-makeup makeup. To keep lip makeup smooth, use cream lipstick that matches your lip colour. Lip balm adds shine and moisture.