Dana Pani–An Initiative To Help Birds Survive During Summer
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Dana Pani–An Initiative To Help Birds Survive During Summer

The primary aim is to help the birds to quench their hunger and thirst during summer

Dana Pani–An Initiative To Help Birds Survive During Summer

Noida: Just like humans, every living being needs some respite from the scorching heat. Considering this, a commendable initiative ‘Dana Pani’ was started for the birds by Jeevan Arpan Samajik Seva Sansthan in Noda from last Tuesday.

The organisation has been running this initiative for the last three years for the protection of birds.

Under this initiative, earthen vessels which are popularly known as bird feeder - Sakura are to be kept outside and these vessels shall be filled with water and food grains which will help the birds quench their thrust and hunger.

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The earthen Sakura vessels are distributed by the Sansthan at different places in the city like the main square, religious places, Market area, Police station, Different societies and apartments etc.

On this occasion Dipanshu Sharma, Anmol Sehgal, and Aryan Shukla, along with other members of the Sansthan were present.

Anmol Sehgal, a member of the Sansthan, told us that if a person wants Sakura to be kept on the roof of the house for free, then he/she can contact us at 9311224040.

Dipanshu Sharma, Founder of Jeevan Arpan Samajik Seva Sansthan, informs us "Environment, trees-plants and animals-birds have great importance for the balance of nature".  He further states, "It is our humble request to all the people of Noida to keep pots or bowls filled with grains and water for these birds on your roofs, balconies, or any nearby location so that these birds can feed themselves.”