Blooming dale!
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Blooming dale!

If spring comes, can flowers be far behind? Here are snapshots from the 30th Noida Flower Show in Sector 21A.

Blooming dale!

The three-day Noida Flower Show (30th Vasant Utsav) got off to a flying start with crowds pouring in a-plenty. The event was organised at the Noida Stadium in Sector 21A.

Cineraria, a bright pink bloom, is the theme flower of this year’s show. The event was jointly organised by the Floriculture Society of Noida and the Noida Development Authority.

The focus of the show was on air-purifying plants, with stress on varieties that thrive well indoors.


FLORAL FAUNA: Stag-shaped displays were quite the highlight of the show.


POT POURRI: A colourful congregation of ferns and petals. 


GIMME RED: Did you know you could eat dahlias? Not the flower but the roots. 


FLOWER CHILD: This curious little one posed with all the flower arrangements at the show.


SMALL WONDER: The bonsai arrangement that won first prize.