Dalhousie: A green mystery is waiting to unveil itself
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Dalhousie: A green mystery is waiting to unveil itself

Silent roads thronged with deodar trees welcome travellers to the place of heavenly beauty

Dalhousie: A green mystery is waiting to unveil itself

Have you ever been a wanderer in the serenity of green woodland that hypnotises with its beauty; if not yet then it is the time to experience the lush green meadows, captivating mountains and tranquil nature where silence speaks thousands of words. Dalhousie is the place where you may go for soul searching amongst the peacefulness of the nature. The beautiful mountainous township was declared as the summer capital for British East India Company during the era of British Governor Lord Dalhousie and it was renamed after his name. This is blessed with natural gorgeousness that mesmerises viewers and it will grab your senses forever and ever.
So let’s find out some of the most exciting places in Dalhousie:

Khajjiar - The Mini Switzerland of India

Credit: Travel+Leisure Asia

Visiting Khajjiar might prove to be the most exciting place. Khajjiar is a small hill town located around 2000 metres above the sea level and it has an extended green valley all around which looks like Switzerland. The town is surrounded by green deodar and pine trees and the most attractive thing is the Khajjiar Lake which has made the place more wonderful. When you visit the place you will definitely enjoy the absolute beauty and ancient Khajji Nag Temple built in the 12th century is also a famous attraction here.

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve – Home of the Wild

Credit: Trawell.in

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve  is India’s one of the most famous high altitude reserve forest located almost 2500 meters above the sea level. This is also known as Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary covered with thick pine, deodar and oak forests. You  will be enthralled with the view of Pir Panjal range from the sanctuary and there are plenty of wild animals which are  quite rare in the other parts of the country.You will be astonished to see Bear, Himalayan Black bear, Leopard, Deer, Barking Goral, Squirrel, Serow, Jackal, Langur and Pheasants. If you are interested in trekking then you may go for this here. 

Satdhara Falls - The Water That Heals

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Satdhara stands for seven streams which are falling together in the form of a cascade. This is one of the most popular tourists’ places in Dalhousie. The water of the cascade is full of medicinal properties and it  is  believed that it cures skin diseases. The beautiful cascade has formed a water body where tourists love to spend hours. It is a perfect place to rejuvenate in the midst of the serene nature.

Daikund Peak- The Tale of Three Rivers

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Awesome scenic beauty will enthral the visitors at Daikund Peak which is famously known as Singing Hill. This is a widely known place where three rivers Chenab, Ravi and Beas are flowing side by side  and you  can see these three rivers altogether. The best time to visit this peak is October to March.

Garam Sadak - Take A Stroll

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If you are one of those people who love to be lost in the midst of nature, then this is just your place. Full of lush green Deodar and Pine trees and a misty fog, this place is ideal for a stroll. The road derives its interesting name from the warm temperatures as well as the abundant sunlight it receives and that makes it perfect for a trip. This is amongst the most popular Dalhousie tourist places.

Panchpula – The Lifeline of Dalhousie

Credit: India Mike

Panchpula is one of the most favoured places in Dalhousie because of its lush woodlands, snow-covered mountain ranges and gracious vistas. This place is known as the lifeline of Dalhousie.Panchpula is famous for its small yet stunning waterfalls, it’s glistening streams, and the samadhi of the great freedom fighter Sardar Ajit Singh. Panchpula is among the important tourist attractions in Dalhousie owing to these streams that are the main source of water supply to the town and nearby villages. Its serene and scenic hiking trails have made it more amazing.

Subhash Baoli – Picnic Spot

Credit: Japji travel

Subhash Baoli in Dalhousie is a picturesque place and  has a great historical connection.. This is similar to other hill stations in many aspects but its connection with history makes it different from every other place. It is said that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose spent seven months here to cure his ailing health in the year 1937. Its connection with the late freedom fighter has led to its present name.

Chamera Lake - Scenic Beauty Plus Water Conservation

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Visiting Chamera Lake will be an experience to cherish for a lifetime. The top view of this artificial lake will make you spellbound. This is built over the river Ravi and a part of the Chamera Hydroelectric Project. Among the top places to visit near Dalhousie, the lake and dam are a major source of water supply for the surrounding villages. This lake is surrounded by the dense pine forests of Bhandal Valley and it  is also famous for water sports like river rafting, motor boating, canoeing, & kayaking.


Bara Pather

Credit: ftd.travel

Bara Pather is a renowned tourist destination that will take your breath away with its stunning landscape and  there exists the  famous age-old temple of Bhulwani Mata. Eye catching beauty of this place and its close location to the Kalatop Sanctuary and General Post Office attracts  travellers here. This place is simply awesome to visit during hot summers, as it offers cool and refreshing air,  the Potato Farm is another attractive place to see nearby.

Ganji pahari - The Stunning Panoramas

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Ganji Pahari is a hilltop in Dalhousie where tourists can trek to the top of the hill. The enchanting view of Ganji Pahari is among the popular spots in Dalhousie for nature lovers.  Travellers get delighted watching the  stunning beauty and peaceful environment of this place. Camping is also an amazing option for those who wish to stay. Situated in the Bakrota Hills, this peak is one hour walk away from Dalhousie.
This hilltop has no greenery around and that is why it is known as ‘bald hill’. The intoxicating views of the surroundings and the fresh mountain air makes the hill perfect for a trek and one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie.