Haunted Places in India carry outlandish mysteries for centuries
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Haunted Places in India carry outlandish mysteries for centuries

The National Library of India, located in Kolkata, is one of most haunted places in the country

Haunted Places in India carry outlandish mysteries for centuries

The mystifying paranormal stories always grab our attention for some unexplainable reasons. Yes we can never explain why these kind of uncanny happenings captivate our feelings. Amidst the reality and imaginations the two worlds of living beings and supernatural beings are co existing alongside and the unending human desire and curiosity to take interest in unexplored facts of the world will stay on and thus some uncanny places with their unusual incidents will draw our interest from generation to generation.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Credit: Myserviceera

The Archaeological Survey of India has Cleary mentioned in board that entry to the fort is strictly prohibited after sunset and before sunrise, which sounds a little mysterious. There are many legends that depict different reasons that made Bhangarh Fort abandoned. The most popular legend tells us that the Fort was cursed by a tantric or black magician called Singhia. Once the tantric fell in love with the extremely beautiful vivacious princess of Bhangarh, - Ratnavati who was the daughter of Chatr Singh. When Tantric tried to enchant the princess with magical oil, the princes came to know and threw the oil that fell on a rock .or boulder. Due to the magical effect that boulder fell on Singhia and crushed him to death. Before his death Singhia cursed the Fort and the village. After a year Entire population of Bhangarh perished in a battle against Ajabgarh.

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Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Credit: Travel Triangle

Located along the Arabian Sea, Dumas Beach is a famous tourist destination in India but this is also an uncanny place known for its mysterious incidents. The beach is renowned for two things, one for its black sand and other for its mysterious atmosphere. It is said that Dumas Beach was once used as a cremation ground for Hindus and this is haunted by several spirits that never left the region. Legends say that the sand turned black because of huge amount of ashes created by burning the dead which got mixed with white sand of the beach. People avoid this beach after sunset.

Kuldhera Village, Rajasthan

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Located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan Kuldhera is a cursed village that was abandoned by its residents once Centuries ago this village was the dwelling place to 1500 Paliwal Brahmin families who were happily and prosperously living here. One night the community of Paliwal Brahmins and other residents of 85 surrounding villages disappeared during the darkness of night and they left a curse that no one would ever be able to reside there and truly till date no villages were established thereafter. As per some legends the Paliwals  were very much tortured by the Minister Salimm Singh.

Shaniwarwara Fort, Pune

Credit: Adotrip

This palace was built by the Marathas but over the centuries this place remained abandoned and haunted. When the young Narayan Rao inherited the title of Peshwa, then lots of conspirators tried to plot the assassination of the youngest ever Peshwa. His ambitious uncle Raghunath Rao and his wife started to plot the murder of the 18-year-old Narayan Rao as soon as he took over the position. With the help of the Gardis  (a tribe of hunters), Raghunath Rao killed the young Peshwa and chopped his body in small pieces and discarded them in the nearby river. As per the local legends, Shaniwar Fort, ever since that gruesome murder Many locals still say that sometimes they hear the young Peshwa’s gruesome screams. Entry to the fort after 6:30 PM is strictly prohibited.

South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata

Credit: Thrid Eye Traveller

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Kolkata which was opened in 1767 when the British Empire started to flourish in Bengal. During that period of time it used to receive lots of bodies for burial and it was called Burial Ground Road. Many British and European residents in Kolkata caught ‘tropical disease’ that could not be cured and many people died. Most of them were in their twenties only and since then some uncanny activities started to be felt. Later on the cemetery was closed down but till now, people who visit that place feel something unusual and mysterious. Some fainted and fell sick suddenly.There is a legend that during monsoon, the Dennison family tomb still bleeds and oozes blood. So, it now has the nickname of the ‘bleeding tomb’.

The National Library of India, Kolkata

Credit: Itinari.com

This huge and stunning building was earlier the residence of Lord Warren Hastings, the first Governor General of the East India Company, before it became the National Library. If we follow the legends, he still roams here in the night and his quiet spirit can be spotted at times. He does not scare away people or attack them. Rather, Hastings’ ghost roams here to find a black bureau that he couldn’t find out when he was alive. This chest of drawers he believed contains papers that could prove his innocence in the House of Commons but he was never able to find it. Even though all charges against him were dropped later, he still comes back in the hope of locating those papers. The employees working in the National Library often experience some ghostly existence and lots of uncanny incidents taking place.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

Credit: cntraveller.in

Mukesh Mill was a very prosperous industrial factory in Mumbai and it had a vast compound where many Shootings of Bollywood movies were done. Unfortunately this Mill caught a deadly fire once during the working hours and many of the workers could not escape. After that horrifying accident the mill was abandoned and still it is deserted. It is now believed to be haunted by the spirits of the workers who were killed in the deadly fire. This place is closed for public.