Running, a boon for mental health!
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Running, a boon for mental health!

Vigorous exercising or running can provide you with several mental health benefits

Running, a boon for mental health!

Countless studies have mentioned several benefits of running, from improving cardiovascular health, strengthening muscles, endurance to supporting bone health. But do you know it can also benefit your mental health? Many studies claim that a run of 10 minutes can enhance your mental wellbeing.

According to a study released in the journal of Scientific Reports, one can moderately improve their mood and heart health with intense running for 10 minutes. Vigorous exercising or running can provide you with several mental health benefits. Few are shared below:

Increased productivity: Increased productivity can help an individual to excel in every aspect of life but if you have no power to go for a workout session, the solution might be just a short run away. People who continuously workout and take out time for exercising are more productive and feel energetic. If you have busy schedules and it is difficult for you to squeeze your time in the gym, you can choose the midday time. Many experts have revealed that midday is the ideal time  for a workout due to the body's circadian rhythms.

Improves Creativity: A high heart rate is known to be associated with creativity. When you are staring at a blank page waiting for some idea and are still struggling, just get up and get those legs moved. When you run in the open air around nature, it automatically creates space in your mind for new ideas.

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Stress Management: Running and exercising can help you overcome the existing worries and boost your health. According to Cigna.Com, workout can also increase production of norepinephrine, a hormone that helps moderate the brain's response to stress.

Brainpower boost: Exercise helps to produce new brain cells, especially cardiovascular exercise which helps improve overall brain performance. An intense run increases levels of a brain-derived protein in the body which helps an individual in better decision-making, higher thinking and learning.

Sunny Vitamin: Running out in nature, especially under the sun, can help you gain enough vitamin D. It is a nutrient that can lessen your chance of experiencing depressive symptoms.

Help feel calm:  Whether you are hopping on a treadmill or running, it helps manage you through your tough times. According to many experts, chemicals produced by your body during and after running can help people experiencing anxiety feel calmer.

Try out running for 10 minutes or go for an intense workout the next time whenever you will experience a bad mood.