Time to take the bull by the horns in Raj Nagar
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Time to take the bull by the horns in Raj Nagar

Caught in the middle of two raging bulls, Gangotri, a Saroj Nagar resident, is lying injured in a hospital bed. The incident points to a bigger problem in the area.

Time to take the bull by the horns in Raj Nagar

Gangotri, a Saroj Nagar resident, left her house for work like any other day. Not in her wildest dreams had she imagined that she would be lying in hospital soon after, fighting for her life. She fell victim to the ire of a bull that charged her on the main road near N Block HIG in Sector 23, Raj Nagar.  

“Gangotri shouldn't have tried to sidle past two bulls locking horns in the middle of the road. That’s when one of the bulls charged towards her. It pierced her and dragged her some distance,” says Sarita Gupta, a local witness.

A young girl who tried to save her was injured as well. People in the area were able to shoo the bull away before rushing the injured to the nearest hospital.

Highlighting the crux, Gupta said, “The problem is stray cattle roaming the area freely. This makes both the animals and the humans vulnerable to mishaps.”

It's not that there is no space for these animals. Nagar Nigam has earmarked an area on the Hindon river bank for cattle to graze in. However, the area sits vacant. Nagar Nigam has also nominated a team to restrict the strays to the area. But the situation is far from being under control.