Noida homebuyers object to by-law amendment
Noida homebuyers object to by-law amendment
Ramesh Kumar
Noida homebuyers object to by-law amendment

Noida homebuyers object to by-law amendment

A group of homebuyers met with Shishir Singh, additional chief executive officer (ACEO) of Noida Authority, to put forth their objections to the proposed amendment to the existing building bylaw of 2010.

The amendment, sought by the department of architect and planning, Noida Authority, aims to increase the density of persons per hectare by five per cent in group housing societies.

The group, comprising homebuyers Chakresh Jain, Atul Kumar, Shailendra Baranwal and Harinder Singh, handed over the letter of objection to Singh.

Homebuyers complained that the amendment would become a great source of inconvenience to existing buyers, as it would encroach upon their facilities.

Explains Jain, “If the bylaw is amended, it will allow the developer to increase the number of flats and towers. Hence, existing facilities, such as park, swimming pool and car parking, will fail to suffice.”   

The Noida Authority, on the other hand, would stand to benefit, as it would charge the developers for allowing them to increase occupancy.

Shailendra Baranwal, another homebuyer, complains, “Let’s say, my house faces the green area of the society. However, if the bylaw is amended, the builder will not need homebuyers’ consent for erecting a new tower on this green patch.”  

He also added that Noida Authority, in violation of the existing bylaw of 2010, approved certain projects which allowed 1,732 persons per hectare, as against the permissible limit of 1,650 persons per hectare.  

The ACEO assured the homebuyers that he would look into the issue, and asked for a few weeks’ times.