Noida: CONRWA to submit plans for traffic, waste management
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Noida: CONRWA to submit plans for traffic, waste management

Decision taken at the apex residents’ body’s recent meeting as the convener of the body’s Noida chapter says he has approached experts and has studied ways to deal with the issues.

Noida: CONRWA to submit plans for traffic, waste management Picture used for representative purpose only

The Confederation of NCR RWAs (CONRWA) plans to make the city less congested and clean. It has taken up two major issues of road traffic and waste management, and has approached experts from the respective fields for ideas.

A decision in this regard was taken at the apex residents’ body meeting held recently at the office of army sectors in Arun Vihar, Noida. Brigadier Ashok Hak, senior vice-president of Noida RWAs and who is an ex-army officer, was elected as the convener of CONRWA’s Noida chapter. The meeting was chaired by PS Jain, the president of CONRWA.

Brigadier Hak said, “I have identified 10 most congested locations in Noida where traffic snarls are witnessed frequently. I have studied the best models [of management] in other cities that helped the respective authorities to decongest traffic. I will approach traffic policemen with these models and pursue them to replicate such models in Noida.” The former army officer expressed confidence that this would bring the condition of traffic under control.

He said that CONRWA has also approached experts for suggestions to solve the problem of garbage disposal. “I am currently working on the issue of waste management and garbage segregation. I will meet the officer of department of public health, Noida Authority, with suggestions to improve the situation and will insist to have them implemented for a cleaner city,” he added.