Is that a community centre opposite Grand Omaxe?
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Is that a community centre opposite Grand Omaxe?

Migrant labourers have illegally occupied a vacant plot opposite the society; residents say sanitation and security have been compromised.

Is that a community centre opposite Grand Omaxe? Illegal shelters on the plot opposite Grand Omaxe in Sector 93B, Noida

Residents of Grand Omaxe, a residential society in Sector 93B, Noida, are a troubled lot these days. They say migrant construction labourers have illegally occupied a vacant plot opposite the society earmarked by Noida Authority for a community centre.

The labourers have built temporary shelters in the area. Residents complain that this has prompted locals to also set up shelters for animals, such as cows, buffaloes and horses.

One of the entry gates of the society faces the plot of land. Residents claim that the entire area is covered in filth and that this is affecting the sanitation of the neighbourhood.  

Surya Prakash, a resident, said, “My house faces the vacant plot. When I open the windows, it stinks of animal waste. The area will soon turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”


Animals grazing in the vacant plot


Residents are also concerned about security in the area. Siddharth Prakash, another resident, said that there have been cases of misbehaviour with maids near the society. “A maid was molested recently and when she raised an alarm, the miscreants fled,” he added.

Adjoining the plot are grocery stores and a lush green park, which residents visit regularly. Pinki Singh, another resident, said, “Labourers feed the stray dogs in the area and the leftover food is left rotting away on the road.”

Residents have approached the police about the law and order situation, but the officers said they were helpless as it was Noida Authority's duty to remove illegal shelters. According to residents, the Authority has done nothing to remove these.

When City Spidey spoke to Feroz Ahmed, a junior engineer with Noida Authority under whose jurisdiction the area falls, he said immediate action would be taken. He added that though he was not aware of the encroachment, he would visit the area and initiate appropriate action.


A view of the empty plot from a flat in Grand Omaxe