MV I residents upset with authorities over encroachments

Cars parked on a road near Akashdarshan Apartments in Mayur Vihar Phase I
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jan 20, 2017

Residents of various societies in Mayur Vihar Phase I are concerned about the lackadaisical attitude of Municipal Corporation of Delhi towards encroachments in the area. Both the Federation of Cooperative Group Housing Societies of Mayur Vihar Phase I and individual societies have complained to it several times, but to no avail.

Residents say a significant area of the roads outside societies have turned into permanent parking zones. Chaotic traffic, constant honking of vehicles due to traffic snarls and ruckus at roadside eateries have become a nuisance. Brawls and the use of foul language have become commonplace.

JP Sharma, a member of the federation and a resident of Nirman Apartments, said, “The federation and even the managing committees of individual societies have written letters to the MCD and the office of Mahesh Giri, Member of Parliament [East Delhi], but have got no reply.”

There are 16 cooperative group housing societies in the area. CP Dhawan, a resident of Riverview Apartments, said, “Safety of children is the bigger concern. As schools are not very far away, many children walk to school and back. Haphazardly parked vehicles and chaotic traffic due to this can put children at risk.”

Pawan Vasudeva, a resident of Una Enclave and the federation’s president, told City Spidey that five to six letters were sent in 2016 to Giri. “We went to his office on many occasions, and he, too, visited us. But our problems still remain. The federation has decided to call an open-house meeting, which will probably be held next week, to discuss the issue,” he said.    

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