GreNo RWAs oppose water tax hike
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GreNo RWAs oppose water tax hike

Greater Noida (GreNo) RWAs are up in arms against the 10 per cent hike in water tax, in effect from April 1.

GreNo RWAs oppose water tax hike

Greater Noida Authority has decided to raise water tax by 10 per cent from April 1. While officials have justified the move claiming that despite the increase, the residents of Greater Noida will get water at a cheaper rate as compared to the residents of Delhi and Noida, RWAs are not convinced.

The move received sharp criticism from the Federation of Greater Noida Resident Welfare Association (FOGRWA). 

President of FOGRWA, Elam Singh Nagar, told City Spidey that the Greater Noida Authority had initially promised free water to residents but later imposed the water tax.

“Now that the water tax has been increased, the RWA will oppose the move tooth and nail,” Nagar said. A meeting of all RWAs is being convened to discuss the issue.

But the Greater Noida Authority has its own logic to offer.

Speaking to City Spidey, CEO, Greater Noida Authority, Deepak Agarwal, said, “The Authority is able to recover only Rs 12 crore to Rs 15 crore a year through the current rate of tax, as against the Rs 40-crore annual cost incurred on the supply of water to houses. We have been forced to hike the water tax.”  

Now on, he said, water charges will be levied depending on the size of the plot. The charges for plots of up to 1,000 sqm are fixed. For bigger plots, an additional Rs 12 per kilolitre will be charged.

“Soon, water meters will be installed in houses, institutes, industries and commercial units. A tender will be floated to procure high-tech meters,” he added.