Dwarka gave these children a true glimpse of India's constitution
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Dwarka gave these children a true glimpse of India's constitution

Four residents celebrated Republic Day by playing football with the ragpickers of the nearby Palam area.

Dwarka gave these children a true glimpse of India's constitution

While most of Dwarka was busy celebrating Republic Day with the unfurling of the national flag, a group of four people was playing football with ragpickers in the park behind Brahma Apartments in Sector 7. This was their way of giving children from the deprived sections of society due dignity and equality on the day India's constituion was laid. The ragpickers were from the nearby Palam area.

The residents involved in this initiative were Munish Kundra from Brahma Apartments in Sector 7, Madhuri Varshney and Madhukar Varshney from Ekta Apartments in Sector 3, and Chandra Prakash from Sector 2. All of them admitted they were amazed by the sheer energy with which the children played the match, not even letting the day's heavy rains dampen their spirit.



Munish Kundra, one of the brains behind the initiative, said, “We wanted to give heart to these children and make them feel we were all part of an extended family. We even challeneged the weather gods today to accomplish this. It was a great way to celebrate Republic Day; it was a collective effort to shape society and encourage these children to hone their talent and pursue their education.”

The children, too, thoroughly enjoyed themselves and, though shy, said they would surely love to participate in more such matches.

Madhuri Varshney, president of Dwarka Forum and one of the organisers of the football match, said, “Through this match, we made them taste the equality and freedom that is an integral part of our constitution. These kids are students of primary and secondary government schools, but unlike most kids, they pick up garbage from roadsides to sustain their lives. Our hearts went out to them and we decided to celebrate Republic Day with them and make them feel they were just as important a part of society as any of us.”