Why didn't Nirman Apts managing committee report a theft?
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Why didn't Nirman Apts managing committee report a theft?

Even after a group of thieves broke into six flats and stole from one, the society's managing committee avoided lodging an FIR and decided to solve the case on its own.

Why didn't Nirman Apts managing committee report a theft?

Residents of Nirman Apartments in Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension are disappointed with the society's managing committee for not lodging an FIR when six flats were found broken into.

"On January 8, around 2 am, a group of six thieves cut through the society's rear chain-link fence and entered the society," said a resident, who did not wish to be named. "They broke the locks of six apartments — 115, 148, 156, 311, 207 and 319. What's surprising is that all the flat owners were away and the thieves obviously knew that. Another interesting thing is that although they broke the locks of six flats, they only entered one — No 207. They stole jewellery worth Rs 40,000 and fled without laying a finger on the other valuable items in the flat."

"Although the entire incident was caught on the society's CCTV cameras, residents were not allowed to take a look at the footage," said a senior resident.  

Another resident told City Spidey that the owner of the robbed flat had called the police the morning after the incident. "Two policemen visited the society and met two of the committee members," he said. "They, however, decided not to lodge an FIR."

One of the security guards who was on duty on the night of the incident said, "On that night, two suspicious-looking people were driving around the society on a Scooty and had entered a flat on the ground floor. I have told the managing committe about this."

City Spidey also spoke to the president of the society's managing committee, Sanjeev Jayaswal, and he accepted that the committee had decided against an FIR. “We did not lodge an FIR but the committee has been investigating the case on its own," said Jayaswal. "The theft was planned and the execution was deft. We have not given up on the matter and will get to the bottom of this.”