Who is supposed to clean Dwarka’s horticultural waste?
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Who is supposed to clean Dwarka’s horticultural waste?

While residents say the authorities are passing the buck, environmentalists cite the need for a proper disposal system for such waste.

Who is supposed to clean Dwarka’s horticultural waste? Horticultural waste lying on a footpath in Sector 3 along Master Plan Road No 201

Dwarka seems to be grappling with the management of horticultural waste. This waste can be seen dumped not only on roadsides and vacant plots but also in garbage dumping spots near residential pockets.

Although resident bodies have often raised the issue at meetings with the civic agencies, the management of horticultural waste continues to be a concern. Despite DDA and the municipal corporation having said that such waste will be managed by composting, there is no visible progress in the direction. 

Surya Pal Singh, president of Suryodaya Apartments in Sector 12, says, “The situation is pathetic. There is no management of dry leaves and pruned branches. When we ask the corporation, they say they cannot do anything about the waste on the roads as these are under the DDA's jurisdiction. They say lifting of horticultural waste is also not part of their job as the maintenance of plants and trees is under DDA. So there seems to be a lot of confusion around the disposal of horticultural waste.”

Residents feel that the civic agencies are also not concerned about making compost from horticultural waste.

Manju Chaddha, a social worker and a resident of Arvind Apartments in Sector 19B, says, “I have often noticed that officials of civic bodies manage horticultural waste haphazardly. In our area, I suggested making a composting pit behind a developed green area. But the authorities didn't take it seriously, even though there was sufficient space behind the green belt for the pit. I’ve also observed that people sweeping the roads or the vacant plots dump horticultural waste anywhere they please. They often burn it, which is an issue in itself. The DDA and the corporation need to think about the issue seriously.”

City Spidey spoke to Diwan Singh, an environmentalist and a resident of Shaman Apartments in Sector 23, about the issue. He says, “Pruning of trees and plants is done inside societies and along roadsides. Societies are counting on civic bodies to manage this waste, as they do not have any system in place for this. The waste generated by the civic bodies is also mismanaged and lies scattered. So there is a need for a proper system of disposal and management of such waste. The lieutenant governor is the administrative head of Delhi, and hence he should take a call on this.”