Girl dies after receiving head injuries during karate practice
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Girl dies after receiving head injuries during karate practice

Noida Extension's DPS World School had called up 8-year-old Gazal Yadav's parents to inform them that she was experiencing a headache; they were soon after asked to rush to Kailash Hospital.

Girl dies after receiving head injuries during karate practice

In a tragic turn of events, 8-year-old Gazal Yadav, a Class II student of DPS World School in Noida Extension, died on January 31 after reportedly receiving head injuries during a karate practice session in school.       

She had won a gold at a championship prior to the practice.


An image of 8-year-old Gazal Yadav taken at DPS World School


The parents lodged a complaint against the school authorities at the Eco Tech III police station in Greater Noida.

According to the parents, around 1 pm, the school management called the mother to inform her that Gazal was having a headache, and that the school would drop her home in case the parents were unable to come and get her.

As Gazal’s father, Lal Chand Yadav, was busy in office, her mother asked the school to drop their daughter home at Stellar Jeevan in Noida Extension.

After some time, Gazal’s mother got a call from the school and was asked to immediately go to Kailash Hospital in Greater Noida. The parents rushed to the hospital, only to be informed that their daughter was dead.  

Yadav alleged that the school management was not giving them the entire picture. He added, “They also gave me a letter, saying there was no need for a post-mortem.” He agreed, as he, too, didn’t want a post-mortem performed on his first child.

On February 2, Yadav visited the school to talk to the school management about the incident but was not given all the details. Hence, he was forced to lodge a police complaint.  

Sushil Sharma, a doctor from Kailash Hospital, confirmed that Gazal died in the ambulance and that she was bleeding from the nose when she reached the hospital.

Karuna Jaudan, a teacher at DPS World School, blamed the parents for not disclosing Gazal’s medical history to them — that she was often given painkillers for headaches at home.  

Awdhesh Awasthi, SHO of the Eco Tech III police station, confirmed that the police had indeed lodged a complaint against the school. "We will be able to speak about the case only after further investigation," he added.


Gazal Yadav had won the gold at the school karate championship