Ahinsa Khand bites the dust
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Ahinsa Khand bites the dust

Heavy vehicles carrying crushed stones pass unrestricted through Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram. The dust and the noise has left residents agitated.

Ahinsa Khand bites the dust

Residents of Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram, are exasperated. Trucks and dumpers carrying crushed stones from a nearby crusher zone pass through the area all day, leaving the area dusty. This poses a threat to pedestrians and is a major cause of air and noise pollution.

The heavy vehicles use the stretch connecting Mohan Nagar link road and Pusta Road, which passes through the residential area. 

Residents of the area say it is a constant risk, especially for children and the elderly. Anil Sharma, president of Ashiana Upvan RWA, told City Spidey that this has been going on since before 2009, when they moved into the apartment. "I wouldn't have bought a flat here if I had prior knowledge of the problem," he added.

Priyanka Jha, a doctor, who is a resident of the neighbourhood, said, "I meet two to three new patients every week who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems. There is also a clear rise in asthma symptoms among children in the area."

Resident associations have been trying to instal barriers to restrict the movement of heavy vehicles. Anil Sharma said that after a lot of to and fro between Noida and Ghaziabad authorities, a height barrier was installed, but only on one side of the road. "All it has done is shift the rush of trucks and dumpers to the other side," he added.

Residents discussed the matter with Vijay Yadav, vice-chairman of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA). "Yadav assured us that the problem would be solved in a week," said DK Maurya, general secretary of Niho Scottish Gardens and FedAOA.

When City Spidey took up the matter with PP Karnwal, CO Traffic, Ghaziabad, he said, "I can only act on the problem once I receive orders from the GDA."