Resident tube: What Sector 41 has to say
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Resident tube: What Sector 41 has to say

Watch residents of Sector 41, Noida, tell City Spidey about the three woes that have been troubling them for a long time.

Resident tube: What Sector 41 has to say

Here are the 3 things bothering the residents of Sector 41, Noida:

1. Open drain through the sector: Stench from a drain running through the sector has become a health hazard for residents. It releases methane, which corrodes copper wires in electrical appliances. Here's what the president of the RWA, Anil Khanna, has to say:



2. Security concerns: The sector has 36 gates, of which only four are kept open to restrict unwanted entry. However, the market area in Block C is open to all, which has led to a number of thefts in the area. There is no wall to separate an adjacent village from the sector. Free movement of the villagers in and out of the area poses a security threat.



3. Community centre: The sector's community centre is located on a narrow stretch in Block G. For lack of parking space, cars line up on the 12-metre-wide road, making it impossible to move through the area during functions. General secretary of the RWA, ID Sharma, has written to Noida Authority a number of times asking it to shift the entrance towards Prayag Hospital in Sector 49. If implemented, this shift will solve both the parking and the congestion issues near the community centre. Watch ID Sharma voice his grievances: