Did you feel the earthquake?
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Did you feel the earthquake?

The tremors started at around 10.35 pm and lasted for about a minute.

Did you feel the earthquake?

A 5.8 richter earthquake shook Delhi-NCR at around 10.35 pm on February 6. 

Residents came alive on their society WhatsApp groups, warning each other to rush down and avoid the elevators. Here's what residents from across the city have to say about it...

"I was watching a sitcom on TV when I felt the couch start shaking," said Vinayak Dasgupta, a resident of East End Apartments, Mayur Vihar I Extension. "While living on the 7th floor allows me to have a killer view from the balcony, it also means in case of an earthquake, my home feels like it's swinging from side to side. It's scary."

"I have a bad knee so earthquakes are really scary for me," said Sutapa Sen, a resident of Sector 15A, Noida. "Thankfully my husband and son were around, else I would have panicked."

Puja Mahaldar, a resident of Saya Zenith in Indirapuram, said, "The fans were moving like pendulums. Earthquakes while living on higher floors of a multistorey building is super scary. Everyone here rushed downstairs with their kids. My 3-year-old son got so scared he is sleeping on my lap."

"My neighbour's wife was quarrelling with her husband when we felt the tremors," said Abid Hussain Barlaskar, a resident of Laxmi Nagar. "She came out to the balcony, realised it was an earthquake and then went back in yelling at her husband."

"I don't know what's wrong," said Abhinav Dubey, a resident of Kendriya Vihar in Gurgaon. "There are just too many earthquakes these days. I've been planning to buy a house and I will make it a point to invest in a property that has been designed to handle such tremors. And even though I've always wanted a condo on the top floor, with the number of earthquakes occurring of late, I think I will have to buy a house on the first floor. Hope everyone's safe."