Dwarka: This kids 'park is ill-maintained' and unsafe
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Dwarka: This kids 'park is ill-maintained' and unsafe

Parents are concerned as the play equipment in this Sector 6 park is either damaged or rusty.

Dwarka: This kids 'park is ill-maintained' and unsafe

The poor condition of children's play equipment in the Plaza Park of Sector 6, Dwarka, has become a cause for concern for residents.

Although the park is one of the most popular in the sub-city, swings and other equipment are either damaged, rusty or ill maintained, which can cause children injuries. The condition of the swings is the worst, with support pillars only on one side. The area is also dusty.

Swarna Lata, a parent and resident of Sector 6, says, “The swings have been like this for almost a year now. It’s really unsafe, as the weight of the kids is supported by pillars on just one side. There are two swings in the structure. When kids use them, the iron bar and the pillar starts bending.”

“Nobody has been injured yet, but imagine what would happen if the joint of the bar and the support pillars breaks? This may cause serious injury,” she added.

Parents visiting the park say the swings are a favourite with children. “I am always cautious when my son is on the swing. Children don’t understand the risks, but why is DDA unconcerned? Repairing it is a small task. The swings can also be replaced,” says Jitendra Sharma, another resident of Sector 6.

Plaza Park is surrounded by several posh societies in Sector 6, such as Som Apartments, Manglik Apartments, Anusandhan Apartments and Sabka Ghar Apartments. Moreover, residents of several other apartments, such as Akash Ganga, Prakriti, Param Puneet and Surya, use this park.

When City Spidey contacted DDA officials, they said they are aware of the issue and that the damaged equipment would be repaired or replaced soon.

A child walks in the play area of the park

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