Gurgaon: Residents of Golf Course Ext to approach NGT over illegal dumping
Gurgaon: Residents of Golf Course Ext to approach NGT over illegal dumping
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Gurgaon: Residents of Golf Course Ext to approach NGT over illegal dumping
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Gurgaon: Residents of Golf Course Ext to approach NGT over illegal dumping

Residents of Golf Course Extension societies, and sectors 58 and 63, have sent legal notices to civic agencies and now will approach National Green Tribunal (NGT) about the illegal dumping of construction debris and demolition waste in their vicinity.

Annoyed residents said this waste caused dust pollution and was against NGT norms, which prohibited dumping waste in inhabited areas.  

Residents complained that Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) and Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) have not paid heed to their problems.

This construction and demolition waste is being dumped on the stretch between St Xavier’s School on Golf Course Extension Road and Park View Spa Next. The entire 3-km stretch is stinking, say residents.

A number of other premium condominiums, villas and commercial complexes, such as M3M Urbana, M3M Golf Estate, Emaar Marbella, M3M Cosmopolitan and Ireo Victory Valley, are located on the Sector 67 road.

“We are suffering from respiratory problems due to high levels of pollution in our sectors," said Ankit Khandelwal, a resident of Sector 58. "We shifted here as we wanted to avoid traffic and congestion, but the pollution level here has made our lives tougher than before.”

In various legal notices to MCG, DTCP and HUDA, residents have mentioned that “a chemical analysis of air quality in the area will reveal extremely dangerous materials such as ceramic dust, asphalt, asbestos [including amphibole asbestos, which includes the minerals actinolite, tremolite, anthophyllite, crocidolite, and amosite], lead paint residue, cement particles, vinyl, PCB [polychlorinated biphenyls] caulking, mercury components, chemical discharge from batteries, mortar and lime. Exposure to these chemical components and physical pollutants is the main cause of a severe and grave threat to the health of young children and senior citizens, whose lungs are particularly sensitive and weak. The presence of these pollutants in air makes the air unhealthy for breathing. [sic]”

Joginder Singh, RWA president of Sector 57, said, “We are now planning to approach NGT about the illegal dumping of construction and demolition waste, since we have been facing this issue for three years now and doesn't seem to be getting better. This is a critical issue, as kids and the elderly are facing health problems due to pollution.”

“Tractor trolleys from neighbouring MCG wards and hand carts for small waste are used by waste generators, typically builders, to dispose of waste here. The waste is then dumped in open spaces within a radius of 1-4 km. This is causing severe health issues,” said Ruchika Sethi, social activist and environmentalist, and a resident of Sector 50.

Angry residents said that despite repeated complaints to the civic agencies, nothing had been done. On the other hand, Yashpal Yadav, administrator of HUDA, when contacted by City Spidey, said, “We have not yet received any legal notice. We will look into the issue if we receive one.”