Why Dwarka Sec 22 residents avoid the neighbourhood park...
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Why Dwarka Sec 22 residents avoid the neighbourhood park...

Residents have identified two dogs that are particularly aggressive and want the municipal corporation to ensure that all dogs are vaccinated and sterilised.

Why Dwarka Sec 22 residents avoid the neighbourhood park...

Residents living in the vicinity of Sadbhavna Apartments in Sector 22, Dwarka, have been avoiding the area near a park behind the society for fear of dogs. They claim there have been 10 dog-bite cases in the past month.

"One Sunday morning one of the stray dogs near the park attacked me when I was on my way to fetch milk from the market," said Prem Bihari Mishra, a resident of Chitrakoot Apartments and founder president of Delhi Poetry Circle and joint secretary of Dwarka Forum. "I was walking and I did not even see the dog, so I don't know what made the dog perceive me as a threat. I took an anti-rabies shot from Mata Chanan Devi Hospital after the incident. I don't know whether the dog was vaccinated by the corporation. I don't think there is a log of how many dogs are sterilised and how many of them are vaccinated."

Residents from Sadbhavna Apartments, Chitrakoot Apartments, Janki Apartments, DGS Apartments and Ranjeet Vihar Apartments frequent the park for morning and evening walks. With the rise in the number of dog-bite cases, most of them tend to avoid the park.

"There are two dogs in particular that are aggressive to people — a brown one and a white one," said SS Mann, vice-president of Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi and a member of the Sadbhavna Apartments management committee. "The corporation should do something about them. Some of my friends who are senior citizens have stopped visiting the park for fear of dog bites. We have raised the issue with the municipal corporation but nothing has been done yet."

The Veterinary Services Department, Najafgarh Zone, had sent a dog-catching squad on February 3 but they found that all the dogs were sterilised. "There are seven people from our society who have already been bitten," said Mann. "The municipal corporation should ensure that all dogs are properly vaccinated, at least to ensure their bites are not fatal."