The disadvantage of being an ATS Advantage resident
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The disadvantage of being an ATS Advantage resident

Names of many residents have not been featured in the electoral roll and some are yet to receive their voter cards, despite having submitted applications well in advance.

The disadvantage of being an ATS Advantage resident

With most of their names missing from the voter list, residents of ATS Advantage, a society in Indirapuram, have slim hopes of casting their votes this election. Residents said despite assurances from the administration, their names were not part of the electoral roll, even after filling out and submitting their forms well in advance.

Ajay Singhal, a resident, said that earlier, only 330 of the 3,000 to 4,000 adults in the society were enrolled on the voter list. "We were assured a second list would be released and that this would have the names that were left out," said Singhal. "The update from the society's booth-level officer [BLO] brought to us only seven more Voter ID cards. The BLO also had a few more cards, but they were repeat issues of some residents who already had their voter cards with them."

Speaking to City Spidey, Brajesh Kumar Yadav, BLO of the society, said that although a good number of names was included in the list, some could not be included. On being asked why, he said some forms could have been rejected for not containing sufficient information. What about the double issue of cards? To that he had no answer. 

"Another updated list is due tomorrow," said Yadav. "It will contain more names. It's an ongoing process."