Abhiyan Apts takes eco-friendly road to manage waste
Abhiyan Apts takes eco-friendly road to manage waste
Akhilesh Pandey
Abhiyan Apts takes eco-friendly road to manage waste Picture used for representative purpose only
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Abhiyan Apts takes eco-friendly road to manage waste

Residents of Abhiyan Apartments, Sector 12, Dwarka, are on their way to helping save the environment. They have adopted a scientific approach to waste management, and waste segregation and disposal would soon be accompanied by composting and recycling.

GL Verma, president of the society, says, “Residents are segregating waste in their homes. We have two separate dustbins, one for wet waste and the other for dry waste. Garbage is collected everyday by three people from 10 am to 12 noon.”

 “We have 90 flats and three towers. For each tower we have a group called Abhiyan Action Force, which not only monitors waste segregation and collection, but also spreads awareness about waste management. We will have a composting pit soon where we would be able to convert waste into compost that can be used for the society’s horticulture,” adds Verma.

The society also organised a workshop recently to raise awareness among residents. Verma says, “Not only did we make the residents aware about the issue but also the society staff. We issued circulars to spread our message. We have also asked residents to keep sanitary napkins and diapers wrapped separately in a paper with a red mark. Our collectors will collect them in separate bins.”

Upasana Tyagi, a resident and a member of the Abhiyan Action Force, says, “People are enthusiastic about the initiative and are supporting it. About 90 per cent of the society has started segregating waste properly. In the coming weeks, the rest will follow suit. On the whole, the initiative is successful.”

According to the managing committee, they are also going to manage electronic waste, pharmaceutical waste and medical waste. Verma says, “We are going to keep separate dustbins in the society for e-waste and medical waste. Our collectors would collect such waste from these dustbins. Soon the society will be managing all types of waste and will be the first of its kind in the sub-city.”